Références A, B, C

2:19 blues

A gypsy without a song

A monday date (Earl Hines solo)

A monday date (L.A. Earl Hines)

A monday date (Noone

My monday date (Paris washboard-Irak)

Our monday date (L.Armstrong

A porter’s love song (Davern, Person)

A porter’s love song (Fats Waller)

Ain’t misbehavin’

Allah’s holiday

Apex blues (Davern, Person)

Apex blues (J.Noone)

At the jazz band ball (Bix)

Back to the jungle

Black and tan Fantasy (Duke Ellington)

Black snake blues


Blame it n the blues

Blue Monk

Blue river (F.Trumbauer)

Blue river (The Savoy Havana band)

Blue turning grey over you

Blues in my heart (Andor’s Jazzband)

Blues in my heart (Benny Carter)


Bright boy blues

Buddy Bolden blues

Buddy’s habits (King Oliver)

Buddy’s habits (L.Armstrong)

Cake walking babies from home

Canal Street blues (K. Oliver)

Candy lips

Candy lips (DTF)

Candy lips (Paris washboard)

Chattanooga stomp

Chloe (Red Allen)

Clap hands

Crazy rhythm (Cotton Club-film)

Crazy rhythm (Kahn)

Crazy rhythm (Sam Stewart)

Cushion foot stomp

Références D, E, F,

Dardanella – Art Tatum (1949)

Dardanella – Bechet

Dardanella – Ben Selvin (1919)

Dardanella – Edmond Hall (1955)

Dardanella – Louis Katzman (1929)

Deed I do (Ben Pollack, Goodman)

Deed I do (Hot Jazz Band)

Deed I do (Lena Horne)

Deed I do (Lentz’s dance orchestra)

Dippermouth (K.Oliver)

Do something (Cotton pickers)

Do something (Hot Antic)

Do you know what it means

Down in honky tonk town

Dr.Jazz (Jelly Roll)

El rado scuffle (Davern, Person)

El rado scuffle (J.Noone)

Expresso stomp (arr. piano)

Flat foot

Froggie More

Froggie More (J.R.Morton)

Froggie more rag (arr. piano)

Froggie more rag (JELLY ROLL MORTON)

Frolic Sam (Barney Bigard)

Références G,H,I

Gully low blues (L.A.)

Harlem bound

Heebie Jeebies (L.A.)

High Society (K. Oliver)

I can’t believe that you’re in love with me (Billie Holiday)

I can’t believe that you’re in love with me (Cootie Williams)

I can’t dance (Alabama Washboard)

I can’t dance (Ondrej Havelka)

I can’t dance (Valaïda Snow)

I get the blues when it rains (Annette Hanshaw)

I get the blues when it rains (Meshiya Lake and her little big horns)

I never knew what a gal could do

I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead-Louis Armstrong

I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead-Louis Armstrong old

I’ll see you in my dreams (Cliff Edwards)

I‘ll see you in my dreams (Ella Fitzgerald)

I’ll see you in my dreams (F. Henderson)

I’ll see you in my dreams (L. Armstrong)

I’ll see you in my dreams (T. Wilson. A. Tatum)

I’ll see you in my dreams (T.Wilson)

I’m coming Virginia (Bix)

I’m coming Virginia (F. Henderson)

I’m crazy about my baby

I’m forever blowin’ bubbles

I’m goin’ away just to wear you off my mind

I’m gonna sit right down …

I‘ve got a feeling that I’m falling

If I had you

I Wish Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate

I wish I could shimmy like my sister Kate – Alabama washboard

Références M,N,O

Mama’s got a baby (Jelly Roll Morton)

Mama’s got a baby (orchestre actuel)

Mandy, make up your mind

Me and Jane in a plane

Messin’ around

Messin’ around (Cook)

Minnie the moocher (Cab Calloway)

Mississippi mud

Mo pas lemme ça


Moppin’ and boppin’ (Fats Waller) F

Moulin à café

Muddy Water – Bessie Smith (C)

Muddy Water (C)

My daddy rocks me (Davern, Person)

My daddy rocks me (Trixie Smith)

My daddy rocks me (Victoria Varecamp)

My gal sal

New Orleans Hop Scop Blues

New Orleans Hop Scop Blues (Bessie Bb)

New Orleans Hop Scop Blues (Bessie F)

New Orleans Hop Scop Blues (Marquet, Persson)

New Orleans shout

Of all the wrongs you’ve done to me (Clarence Williams)

Old man river (Duke Ellington)

On treasure island

Oriental man

Ory’s creole trombone (L.A.) F

Références S,T,U

Santa Claus blues – Red onion jazz babies

Santa Claus blues – Southern Stompers (F) 1990

Saratoga shout


Shim sham shimmy dance

Sidewalk blues

Snake rag (K.Oliver)

Snake rag (L.A.)


Someday sweetheart (King Oliver)

Someday sweetheart (TNNS)

Sorry (Bix)

South (Bennie Moten)

Streamline girl


Struttin’ with some barbecue (L.A.)

Struttin’ with some barbecue (L.A.) F

Sugar (Hot Antic)

Sugar (P. Whiteman)

Sweet Emmalina

Swing is the thing (Jimmy Mazzy)

Swing is the thing (The Mills Brothers)

That’s my weakness now (Cliff Edwards)

That’s my weakness now (TNNS)

The call of the freaks

The minor drag (Fats Waller) Eb

The minor drag (Jeff Barnhart and his hot rhythm)

There’ll be a hot time (Bessie Smith)

There’ll be a hot time in the old time tonight (One More Time)

The yama-yama man Yerba Buena stompers

Yama Yama Blues – Clarence Williams’ Washboard Four

Thou swell (Ben Selvin)

Thou swell (Bix)

Thou swell (D.Hyman-D.Wellstood)

Thou swell (Fats Waller)

Thou swell (Peterson-Grappelli)

Three little words-Duke

Tiger rag (Bix)

Tishomingo blues

To-wa-bac-a-wa (Louis Dumaine)

To-wa-bac-a-wa (N.O. Wild Cats de Neuchâtel)

Références V,W,X,Y,Z

Viper Mad by the M’N’M Trio (Mazzy Newberger Muranyi)

Viper Mad Tuba Skinny and his tiny men

Viper Mad Sidney Bechet & Noble Sissles Swingsters (1938)

Wa-wa-wa (King Oliver)

Wabash blues (Charleston Chasers) Eb

Washboard wiggles

Way Down Yonder In New Orleans-Ray Noble & Al Bowlly (1935)

Way Down Yonder In New Orleans-Louis Armstrong

Way Down Yonder In New Orleans-Louis Prima-1938

Weather bird

Weather bird rag

West End Blues-King Oliver (1928)

What good am I without you

What good am I without you – Fletcher Henderson

When you and I were young Mary

Who’s it ? L. A. 1926

Who’s it ? Irakli 1994

Wild man blues

Wild man blues (L.A.)

Wining boy blues (J.R.Morton)

Wolverine blues

Working man blues (K.Oliver)

Yardbird suite (Anachronic Jazz Band-live)

Yardbird suite (Anachronic Jazz Band)

You’ll long for me